Old window frame with photo behind it.

Small Rustic Kitchen Makeover

I don’t know about you but isn’t it amazing how excited we get when we start a new project on our homes! Then work and reality set in and you begin to think, what was I thinking:) But, when the end is near and you can the light at the end of the tunnel, you are […]

vinyl on plexiglass

Cookbook Cabinet with Mom’s Recipe!

I’ve share with you in the last post that we have done a small kitchen makeover This is our do-over of the cabinet above the microwave! We wanted to personalize it with something special, so I asked my husband (Honey) and our son what their favorite recipe was of mom’s (granny). Brownies won, hands down:) […]

Old Weathered Door Spice Rack

Old Weathered Door Spice Rack

I don’t know about y’all but I have a real love for old doors. We have been renovating our small kitchen and I knew that I wanted to include one of our old doors. This is one that has been sitting in the corner of the shop for a while. One day, it just hit me, […]

Acrylic snowman

Cork & Canvas Night At Local Winery

I want to share my experience doing a cork and canvas night at The Rusty Nail Winery in Sulphur, Ok. The sister-in-law, niece and I went and participated in one of their two-hour classes. Let me tell you, it was a blast! Two local artist, Paul Walsh and Ashley Jones Leming are the instructors.  They both […]

Christmas Scene in Soldiers Foot Locker

Winter Wonderland Scene Nestled In World War II Footlocker

I was trolling Pinterest for unique ways to decorate and noticed several folks were using boxes, buckets and trunks to create, holiday scenes. I bought an old soldier’s foot locker at a flea market near Durant, Oklahoma a couple of years ago . I actually  tried to find the soldier’s family to see if they might […]

Leaning shelf

Four Ways To Give New Life To Old Doors

  Have you ever had things lying around taking up space and just collecting dust because you just haven’t had the light bulb going off in your head moment? These four doors have been that for me   They have been sitting against the wall in the shop for two years. Well, the light bulb finally […]

Butcher Block Island

Rusty Metal Cabinet Turned Into Butcher Block Island

It all started with a cabinet sitting in a friend’s pasture. I fell in love and knew instantly we could save this cabinet and  make it a useful piece for our home! Here is how we found her. I know you think I crazy but I fell in love! This is the back view. I know […]

Postal Letter Sorter

Old Postal Letter Sorter With Family Ties

 Hi friends! It seems like forever since my last post. I’m sure you all understand how life occasionally throws curve balls our way Right around the first of the year a curve ball was thrown my way. I somehow tore my right shoulder smooth up and I have since had surgery. One thing about shoulders, recovery […]

Walnut Island

Kitchen Island Born using Pallets and Rough Cut Walnut

One thing you will learn by reading my blog, nothing ever stays the same for very long! I love change and I really love to change things in and around the house. Don’t get me wrong, I love for Honey and I to create using discarded materials. Come with me and I will show you how we […]

room makeover

Bedroom Converted to Work Studio/Guestroom Using Repurposed Items

I decided to convert our upstairs bedroom to work studio/guest room. I know many folks will think I am crazy but to those who know me, this will come as no surprise. I rearrange our furniture with the changing of each season. When we built our home seven years ago, we envisioned having an upstairs […]

tin dragonfly

The Making of a Dragonfly

My favorite thing to do is to go junking and give new life to discarded materials.We only need to have a little imagination. From this piece of tin, you can make dragonflies, butterflies, angel wings.I want to show you the process you go through to create this particular dragonfly. My dear husband (Honey) and I […]


Bakers Rack Turned Coffee Station

  A few weeks back I scored a  neglected bakers rack. I ‘m really not sure if Honey shared my vision but he  was a true team player because I could not have done it without him! This is the way we found this diamond in the rough and the price was right too! First thing we […]


Morphing Antique Tile into a Butterfly!

I found various 2 ft. antique ceiling tile on a junking trip and wondered what I  could create, alas a butterfly! We traced our pattern on the metal and Honey cut this one out using a cutting torch. I used a steel brush in my drill and proceeded to remove all the old paint. I […]


Dragonfly Made From Discarded License Plates

 Here is how to make a dragonfly from discarded materials. This dragonfly is made from old license plates, chair leg and old keys. You can even use an old hammer handle for the body. We used a plasma cutter to cut out wings. Next, you will lay the wings out.  Once you have the wings positioned, […]

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