Cookbook Cabinet

Cookbook Cabinet With Mom’s Recipe

I’ve share with you in the last post that we have done a small kitchen makeover
This is our do-over of the cabinet above the microwave! We wanted to
personalize it with something special, so I asked my husband (Honey) and our son
what their favorite recipe was of mom’s (granny). Brownies won, hands down:)

Metal Cabinets

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

This is how our little humble kitchen looked before we started. If you will
look just above the stove, you will see our little cabinet was slanted and just
kind of there.


Cookbook Cabinet

Here, Honey has cut a piece of scrap wood to square of the cabinet. He nailed
a board at the top and bottom to hold it in place.

Cookbook Cabinet

Nailing the sides on for the cabinet.

Another angle of the cabinet being squared up.

cookbook cabinet

Steve, finishing the outside of the cookbook cabinet.

We finished the outside of the box with some scrap cedar that we had lying around.
Our open Kitchen and Living area is finished with cedar, so this worked perfectly!

Cookbook Cabinet

Nailing the trim to the cabinet.

Honey finishing the trim for the cabinet. He also framed a door with cedar
as well.

Cookbook Cabinet with Recipe

Placed vinyl on the plexiglass door

I used my silhouette vinyl machine to cut out the recipe and the placed it
on the plexiglass. I spray painted the plexiglass red! This took me a while
to complete. This is not one of my strong suits, measuring and placing
the vinyl on the glass. Once I painted the plexiglass, I use a pointed knife
to lift up the vinyl while it was still wet. There is no picture of this step, not
because of Honey this time. I was home alone and the paint was drying fast so
no time to snap picture:(

Repurposed Kitchen

Cookbook Cabinet with Recipe

This is how it looks with the light shining through the top. We decided to
add a piece of frosted plexiglass on the top, so the light could filter through!

vinyl on plexiglass

Mom’s recipe on plexiglass

This cabinet  is especially sweet, since we found a way to personalize
our kitchen with mom’s recipe! Hope you enjoyed our project,
I know we had a blast! Next up will be our kitchen sink, cabinet
and new-old backsplash using all repurposed materials!