Old WeatheredDoor Spice Rack
I don’t know about y’all but I have a real love for old doors.
We have been renovating our small kitchen and I knew that I wanted to include
one of our old doors. This is one that has been sitting
in the corner of the shop for a while. One day, it just hit me, no, not the door, an idea:)
I suggested to Honey, that we cut it in half and use the top to make it a spice rack and
the bottom as a back to our prep table!  First thing to remember when I am taking you
through the steps, I try to capture each step with my camera. But, my Honey
hasn’t fully grasped the blogging thing!  If, I wander off for a second to do something else,
he doesn’t always remember to wait till I get back:)

Old door

Old Weathered Door

Here is the old door before we cut it.

framing for spice rack

Laying out frame for old weathered door spice rack

Honey, trying to lay out the boards to see which way he wants to do this!

Old Door

Nailing a couple of boards to help hold spice rack.

Plan decided on, so he begins by nailing a couple of boards
at the top and bottom.

Nailer Boards

Nail boards to hold spice rack on the wall.

Honey is screwing the two boards to the wall.
His plan was for the them to basically snap together, remember the
two he nailed, going across? Should fit like a glove:)

Weathered door

Mounted half-door frame

Fit like a glove, it does!! He is so good:)

Ceiling Board

Old ceiling board used for back of spice rack.

Now, time for installing a back for the spice rack. He nailed the
old ceiling board directly to the wall.

Barn Wood Shelf

barn wood shelf

Remember me telling you
that there may be a step that I missed? He installed the three small shelves
and the one on the top without me:(

Old door

Old door bottom being used behind our prep table.

I really like having the bottom of the door
behind our prep table. It should keep things
from falling off the back, hopefully!

old door

Old door used for a spice rack.

I am so proud of this spice rack!
No telling how old the door is and
the ceiling boards came out of the old Roff
lumber yard. They too, are quiet old.
else given new life:)