A few weeks back I scored a  neglected bakers rack. I ‘m really not sure if

Honey shared my vision but he  was a true team player because

I could not have done it without him!

baker rack

This is the way we found this diamond in the rough

and the price was right too!

bakers rack being stripped

First thing we did was remove the ceramic backs from

the bakers rack and sand it down.

Removing ceramic tile

I started chipping away at all the ceramic tile on the

counter and on the backs. I had worked hard

and had the countertop done by the time my Honey

made it home for work. He comes in and smiles

as he always does and says to me, I have an  easier way

to do that. Oh really…

tile removal

He proceeds to pull out some gadget from his tool box,

hooks it up to the air compressor. I’m thinking to myself,

reallySad smile.  At least I learned something new! I enjoy learning

something new every day but really…Where was he a couple

of hours ago. Enough, on with the project.

cutting torch being use to modify an old sign

Since he was home and showed me a new tool, I share my plan for replacing the tile on the back.

We’ve had a rusted old sign lying out by the shop that a dear friend found for us.

The gentleman had used it as a cellar door. The rust was pretty bad and had paint splattered.

I would love to show you a picture of the sign when they brought it to us but that phone is DOA.

We knew one day the right project would come along and we would be able to re-purpose the sign.

Well, this is the project.  Honey commenced to measuring

to see if it would work. This is my Honey, using the cutting torch to get the

shape I needed for the backs.

Colvert Fresh Milk sign used in Coffee Station

I love the old rusty Colvert Sign and Fresh Milk for the backs!!

photo (20)

I used Minwax Finishing Paste to protect the finish.

Cutting stone tile for bakers rack makeover

We had a bunch of 4×4 stone tile left over from earlier

projects and I knew that I wanted to do this project with

items that we already had on hand.  I used the tile saw

to cut my tiles to the size we needed.

Steve applying adhesive glue to Coffee Station

Honey spread the adhesive on for me. I have always cut the

tiles while he did the tough work. This is my first time tiling!

We used pre-mixed adhesive and groutSmile

applying grout to coffee station

I got so involved in trying to get the tile on the adhesive

and getting everything right that I forgot to take a picture.

Here is the picture of me grouting this morning. I can tell

one thing, I have an enormous respect for professionals

that do this for a livingSmile

finished grouting

Grout all on!

Cleaned excess grout off of stone tile

Excess grout cleaned off.  Once the grout has cured,

I will spray a stone sealer on.

Hometalk mug

Can’t wait to sit down and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee

and admire the new life we gave to the bakers rack

and old Colvert Sign.

Coffee Station

Ready for some coffee!!

Bottom of coffee station storing Kitchen Aid Mixer

Perfect spot for the Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Bakers Rack Turned Coffee Station

Here is our finished makeover. We really had a lot of

fun giving this old bakers rack a new life. Next time

I decide to turn a piece into a coffee station, you can bet

your last dollar that I will measure to see if a

modern coffee pot will fitSmile  I am still searching for that

8- 10 cup coffee pot under 12 1/2 inches tall.