Antique Ceiling Tile

I found various 2 ft. antique ceiling tile on a junking trip and

wondered what I  could create, alas a butterfly!

Cutting torch used to cut tin

We traced our pattern on the metal and Honey cut this one

out using a cutting torch.

Paint removal

I used a steel brush in my drill and proceeded to remove all the old paint.

Krylon Primer use to coat butterfly cutout

I used Krylon Spray Paint Primer to prep the surface for painting.

As you can tell, this is a different tile. I forgot to take a photo

of this stepSmile 

photo (28)

I place the chair leg body on the table and lay the butterfly body

with the front side down. I drill a pilot hole for the hanger and screw.

photo (27)


I used #8×3/4” multi purpose lath screw.  The work really

well with metal or wood.


photo (29)

Next, we drill holes for the antennas. You can use any type of

wire and shape them however you like.

photo (30)

You will need to drill pilot holes for the eyes so that the wood

doesn’t split.

photo (31)

Drill another pilot hole at the end of the body to add a little

bling bling on the tail!!


Metallic Blue and Black Butterfly made from antique ceiling tile.


Red and Black Butterfly made from antique ceiling tile.


I have showed you two different types of tin because you never

know what style you might find. One is blue and black, the other

is red and black. I sealed both with Krylon Clear Satin Sealer.

These butterflies are perfect for  inside or outside use.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!